A lot has happened since we moved from South Carolina! Our drive across the country was definitely an adventure I would LOVE to do again if we had more time. It was stressful at times but we saw so much and got to spend so much time together, it was a huge blessing for us. Once I can figure out how to add pictures, I will! :) We went through the Badlands of South Dakota, saw Mount Rushmore, enjoyed the cascades, and awed at God’s beauty as we traveled.

We arrived to our new home in Washington on Thanksgiving day. We ate dinner with our realtor..thanks Tom!! With our keys finally in our hands we got to experience home-ownership together. What a great feeling it was (sometimes I still can’t believe it)! I am in love with our house, our neighborhood, our city, our church, and basically just with our experience so far. With Ben being in the military of course there have been some hiccups with getting him through the in-processing routine and getting me into tri-care. It’s such a new and confusing process but I know that eventually I will get it (or at least I hope so). On the plus side, Ben is not being deployed right away. I thank God every day for that because even though I am willing and ready for him to leave to do his job over seas, we get to spend more precious time together as we learn each other and grow together spiritually and in our friendship.

We experienced our first winter snow of the season up here. I don’t think we were quite expecting what we got…but neither was the rest of the state. Our area broke records with the amount of snow we received. Our area got about 14 inches. Which is more than double the usual amount! And of course after all that snow, what else could we ask for but rain?! Thanks Washington :) So, with that freezing, we were out of power from Thursday 10:30am to Friday 4:30pm. We were so glad to have the power on so we could have warmth and real food!! But we are still praying for those almost 200,000 who are still without power. It has definitely been a crazy time. Our house got down to about 45 degrees. BURRRR. Thankfully for us, we got a TON of candles for Christmas so we made the bedroom romantic with candle lights and made the most of a cold situation ;)

We are hoping that this blog will be a way for our family and friends to connect with us as we travel with the military into situations unknown!


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