What Is Your Mission?

Even though it’s only Wednesday I would have to say this week has been very eventful. Or at least eventful for one who stays home all day :-) I finally got to sealing the grout on our tile in the kitchen yesterday. Who knew that you had to do that? Not me! It didn’t take as long as I thought BUT we can’t use the kitchen for 24 hours. Surprisingly it’s hard to cook when you can’t use the counter tops! LOL Go figure.

I have a Criminal Minds obsession. Which is going to be bad when I have to stay in the house by myself! But until that day comes, I will indulge in the BAU crew. Tonight is a new one. Can’t wait! I love reruns but a new episode is just wonderful. Judge me, it’s okay. =P
Back to the home. Our walls are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. We didn’t want to paint the house since we going to rent it out in a few years and we don’t want others to paint the walls so we are in desperate need of art work! I have the task of going through all our pictures to see which ones we should frame. I didn’t realize how many pictures we had! Thankfully I have the time :-) I wish art work didn’t have to be so expensive! I can’t wait to finally hang our pictures though.
Our Room — Notice boring walls :(
another view
Guest Room — another boring wall
Our Living Room — I LOVE our furniture
view from the kitchen — pot hangers are awesome!
our TV and NEW fireplace — LOVE it
kitchen/dining room

I am still on the job hunt for those who are wondering. Right now I am having trouble because no one wants to hire someone right out of college (how rude)! I don’t qualify for any of the jobs that I have looked into in our area. How can I get 5+ years of experience if no one will give it to me??? Riddle me that batman. Oh well. I am enjoying the time off by getting our house in order, so for that I am thankful. Tomorrow since we only have 1 car, I have to get up at 5:30 (UGH) to take Ben to work so I can have the car. The army has job search help so we are hopeful that they can help me find some potential jobs. If not, my plan is to volunteer so I can gain some experience. I also have the car because I have an eye appointment tomorrow. I ran into an interesting dilemma while filling out the paperwork for the optometrist. They require that I have my eyes dilated….How am I supposed to get home?!?! This is a problem lol Unfortunately the few people that  I have met have a job…hmmm. Maybe I can convince the doctor to not dilate my eyes? We shall see.

Our church, Mars Hill, is starting a new series called “Real Marriage.” I am so excited because it couldn’t have come at a perfect time. I mean we were just married, so what could be more perfect that hearing what God has to say about our life together? The sermon series is set up in a very unusual but fun way. Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace have written the book, “Real Marriage.” A chapter of the book is discussed each Sunday. There is also a participant’s guide that each person gets to answer and respond to questions and the chapters in the book. We go through the guide during our community group. One of the tasks was to “come up with a vision statement for your marriage and family that is inspired by the gospel, glorifies Jesus, and gets you excited for the next twenty years of your life together.” Ben and I spent an entire day figuring out what we wanted from our family. It was a lot of fun to come together and decide what we ultimately wanted to say. Here is our working family mission statement:
“To place God first in such a way that allows us to walk in the way of love (Eph 5:1-2), have open communication, and remain best friends so that we can lead others to Christ through our actions and relationship.”
We can’t wait to see what this series has in store for us. I know we are going to learn a ton and really enjoy each other during this time. I will keep updating what we learn!! It’s going to be an entertaining 11 weeks!!

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