Carolina in My Mind

Happy Leap Day!!
Can I just say the weather here is so incredibly quirky. It was sleeting this morning when I woke up. Then after it stopped it was sunny. And now it is snowing with the outside temp is 43 degrees. So weird!
On the plus side, I get to enjoy the warm weather of South Carolina tomorrow! Ben and I are heading for our first visit back since we left. It will be good to see family. I wish we were able to be there longer to visit everyone but I’m sure we will be back again! I can’t wait to see this again though:
Charleston :)
Clemson’s dikes
Clemson Football
Table Rock
Well, maybe I won’t see those exact things unfortunately but that’s what I think of when I think of going to SC. Also, I might be able to get some food fixes in. The only bad thing about moving across the country is I miss certain foods. Why isn’t Schlotzsky’s Deli this far out?? Not fair! Why does Washington have to be the only state Chick-fil-a isn’t in?? Rude! Why isn’t an Osaka type restaurant out here? I mean there was a Japanese Steak house on every corner at Clemson. One would think that there would be an abundance of those out here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thai food, Korean food, Mongolian food, Chinese food, etc because there are PLENTY of those around here. But no Japanese steak house…which makes me sad.
Speaking of food, we have been using a cookbook we got to cook a fun and healthy dinners every night. It has been a lot of fun to attempt different meals. I am not the best cook but nothing has killed us yet :) Last night we had chicken and biscuit kabobs with a honey glaze. It was so tasty!! Tonight I get to attempt a Thai-inspired meal by myself. It is supposed to take 2 hours!! I’m hoping that with all the work it is going to be worth it. If not, we might just end up having more luck just going down the street to the local restaurant!!
I’m excited for the next couple months. We have some activities set up with our community group. We are going to an ice hockey game which should be a lot of fun. We also are going to take the underground Seattle tour. They are passages that used to be the main roadways and storefronts of the old downtown Seattle. I am really enjoying our community group. Since I haven’t found a job yet I really don’t have a chance to meet other people. Our neighbors are nice but stay to themselves. I don’t quite feel like I fit in yet here though. Right now I am still job hunting. Writing cover letters is getting so old!!  I am looking into different non-profits to get experience by volunteering. I am hoping that someone will let me work for them for free.
Ben has been moved from his original mp unit to a MI unit. He is able to get some work done here which has been good for him since he likes to keep busy! He is also excited that he gets to travel to Texas a few times during the year for a few weeks for training. I’m not so excited though but at least they are short trips!!
Pray that our flights don’t get delayed and/or canceled as we fly to SC tomorrow. I am nervous about flying out of SEA-TAC because of this weird sleet/snow. Also our connecting flight is going through St. Paul, MN which is having a snow storm go through it this week.
Until next time…

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