Learning to Love

The past few days here have been absolutely beautiful here. It is giving me a taste of the summers here (which I am excited for)!! Ben and I have been trying to take advantage of all that we can while we are here. I want to learn to love every place that we have the opportunity to live in. I have already gone to my first hockey game. It was a lot of fun; albeit a very different experience! Even though the Seattle Thunderbirds did not win (actually I think the score was a sad 3 to 11) I definitely want to go again.
Ben and I were invited to sail this past weekend. It was a great time. The weather cooperated wonderfully and we had a blast. I had never been sailing before so I had a good time learning the ropes…maybe pun intended! :D I got to steer for a while which was actually more difficult than I thought. There was a lot to think about. You had to make sure that as you were going in one direction, you had to be aware of the wind, and that was not easy!! I would want to go forward and the wind would take us in another direction.  Thankfully out in the water there is not much to hit. HA! There was a ton of wildlife to enjoy also. Many waterfowl were swimming about and we also saw harbor seals!! They are so cute! There have also been sightings of dolphins, although we never saw any on the day we went out.
beautiful views of the Olympic mountains
Ben leading the way.
Ben taking a break from Skipper as I take over :)
Ben and I also enjoyed the weather on our new motorcycle!! Ben has missed his motorcycle since he sold his before we moved. One of his coworkers mentioned that he wanted to sell his bike and Ben jumped on the opportunity. It is a Suzuki Boulevard and is a lot of fun. We are ready to explore the area on our new ride :) I think our next trip is going to be to ride up Mt. Rainier. I have heard it is gorgeous ride.
One of my goals in any house that we live in that has a garage is to ALWAYS be able to park our car in it. Having all the clutter stresses me out!! So on Sunday we decided to try our hands at organization and using our new tools. We went to Lowes and picked up some lumber and hooks. Our next trip is to buy shelving units!! Anyways, we were able to put up both our bikes on the wall and hang all our motorcycle gear on the wall. And now we can comfortably park our car and motorcycle. Goal accomplished!
Our gear neatly hung up!
All the bikes.
My next project is to reorganized and de-clutter our laundry room. I have been blog searching for design tips. Do you have any ideas??

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