I Really Lilac You!!

Since the weather is getting a little nicer and Spring has “arrived”, I decided our house needed some color!! I want to plant some flowers and the only problem is…..


So, now that I have admitted my problem maybe someone out there would help?! I did start my gardening endeavor by weeding. UGH! I need to buy round-up lol I attempted to plant some seeds BUT it will take 60 days to see results. I have a feeling I won’t see anything but for $1 I thought I would give it a shot. Don’t even ask what the flower was…I forget already and threw away the package. Oops! They did look pretty on the package though :)

Here are pictures of our “yard” and “front lawn.” Just thought I’d point out where the sun hit. Apparently certain flowers need more sun than others. 0_o     Any ideas would be amazing!!

This is our side yard. It gets full sun for most of the day (when it’s not raining lol).
Area in our side yard with the patio. This also gets full sun for most of the day.
As you can see, the front of our house has some plants but I want COLOR!! Can you plant flowers (or something with color, doesn’t have to be a flower) where there is no sun?? To the right of the rock river is our neighbor’s yard.
The other side of the front of the house. To the left of the rock river is the neighbor’s yard.

We have mulch where there is no grass and underneath the mulch is this light gray and rocky dirt.

Do I need to buy soil?

Should I buy seeds?

Or flowers that already bloomed and I just put in the ground?

Please help the gardening challenged :) Please and Thank You!!


One thought on “I Really Lilac You!!

  1. lol this cracked me. I cant help you or rather I can look up what google says but i think youve already done that. the wead comment is what really cracked me up!

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