On the Road Again…

Ben and I had a great July. We went to Bellevue for a little staycation, took the trip up Mt. Rainier, and then he had to leave :(  On the plus side, I got to watch this little guy the first weekend he was gone. Isn’t this the cutest little pup you’ve ever seen?! It was a 10week old Vizsla named Gunner. Ben joked that I replaced him with the dog since literally after an hour of dropping him off at the airport, I had the dog at the house :)

Even though we have been in the house almost 8 months now, (WOW!) there is still a lot to do. My goal while Ben is gone is to clean, toss, decorate, and organize. I wrote out a 2 page list of what needed to be specifically done. I figure DIY and cleaning would keep me pretty busy! Here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to:

Bought this serving tray…the tiles HAD to go!
watch out — me with a hammer :)
The first break through!! YEA! There were ceramic chips flying everywhere!
I added a picture frame collage — now I just need to print out pictures lol
I wanted something for our bedroom but art is so expensive so I made my own :)

Hopefully I will have more pictures to post soon as I work through my list!

What projects do you have going on?


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