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Hello Again! I know what you are thinking, haven’t heard from me in a month and then you get two posts in a row. Lucky readers :D

I wanted to redo the serving tray. The ceramic tiles were okay but not the best looking and not my style. So, I sanded the wood down after removing the tiles. Those tiles were like suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper-super glued. But after attacking it with a hammer, they were destroyed :) Here are pictures of the final product!!

Serving tray after being painting white.
The fabric I picked out for the bottom.
Presto :)
Here is a reminder of the before — BLEH

Putting the fabric in was interesting. Because of chipping out the ceramic tiles there was a lot of uneven parts. Soooooo of course I couldn’t just put down the fabric. Anywho, long story short, wrapped the fabric in a piece of cardboard cut up to fit and then I Modge Podge’d the heck outta it. The best part is I can change out the fabric if I get bored with it. Yay me!

For my next project:


I plan on putting these babies in the laundry room (after giving them a face-lift of course). The gray part is actually metal so I think I’ll use it for to-do lists, calendar, bills, etc with some magnets .

Stay tuned to find out :)


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