Extreme Makeover

Hello All!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’ve been keeping busy. The highlight of my week was going to a friends house and picking blueberries. They were so good! I can’t wait to go back and get some more.


I’ve also been keeping busy over the past few weeks while Hubs was gone by going on an extreme cleaning kick! We have so much random stuff that after we moved in we just threw everything we didn’t have a “space” for in a closet or one of the two bedrooms we don’t really use.

I got tired of this conversation:
Hubs: “Where is my XYZ??”
Me: “oh, I know I saw it the other day when I was trying to find ABC. Maybe in the middle closet? Or no, wait, I think it was in the closet under the stairs. Yes that is where it was, I think….”
**silence as Hubs is searching**
Hubs: “can’t find it!!!”

Okay so after that scenario that went on for about a year, I finally decided to get my organizing act together and get to work!

Before: Guest bedroom
Before: Guest bedroom closet
After: Guest Bedroom
After: Guest bedroom closet
Before: Office
After: Office
After: We have a usable desk!! YAY!!!!
Before: Office closet
After: Office closet…need to hang those pictures :)
After: Reading area in the office. Plan: Get rid of futon & add bookshelves
Ben’s pile of stuff that he needs to go through!

My goal was to get rid of every box that we had in the closets. I tried. I really did. I only have 3 left though!! One box holds our DVDs and two boxes hold our books…I really want need shelving!

What projects are you tackling??


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