The Joy of Traveling

Have you ever been sitting in the terminal waiting for your flight and you start scoping out who could be your potential travel partner for better or for worse during the next several hours. Then you spy them, the one person you would never choose to sit anywhere near and you realize two things:
1. You don’t want them as your travel partner and
2. You know that you’re going to get stuck sitting next to them.
I had that feeling going to Chicago on Tuesday checking out the prospects but then the most wonderful thing happened…Southwest Airlines doesn’t have assigned seating! What a great joy! After finding this out, my next goal was to avoid the 2 babies, an animal, and a man who had a ripe smell. I mean really, I think he had missed out on bath time for the last decade.
**Thankfully I got a window seat and sat next to a super normal nice engaged couple.**
I received a surprise birthday gift of a quick trip to Chicago to see family. It was four days filled with early days and long nights but it was a ton of fun! I am hoping next trip both Ben and I will be able to go to South Carolina to see more family and friends!
Even though we didn’t go downtown this time here is a photo of the “bean” taken when Ben and I were in downtown a few years ago :)
 I can’t believe I turned 24 yesterday! I have so many things to be thankful for. God has bless Ben and I so much. This year has been an absolutely fantastic one. So many changes have taken place and I have enjoyed every single one of them. I can’t wait for many more years to come :)
Happy Birthday to Me =D
I hope everyone had a fantastic week! Happy weekend!!

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