Thankful Thurday

Who loves blueberries??
Our community group leader and his super sweet wife have acres of blueberry bushes which is AWEsome because they are kind enough to let friends come out and pick all they want. I got my self another good size pail full! Yum! I will have to freeze some so I don’t eat them all before Ben gets home :)
Cutest pail ever….wish it was mine!
I am so thankful that God has put friends in my life that I can hang out and fellowship with, especially while Ben is away. I was able to go to Ikea yesterday. I was in HEAVEN!! I continued to be on cloud nine this morning by going through this wonderful nugget of joy:
the 20133 catalog…WOOT!!
I went through and circled/highlighted all things that I could ever want or need :) Obviously won’t be getting most of it but it’s fun to check out and enjoy the Ikea-goodness.
What are you thankful for?

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