Take A Hike!

Ben and I decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather by going hiking on a trail in the Mount Rainier National Park. The trail was called Tolmie Peak Trail. It was a great hike, about 6.5miles round trip! A little more strenuous than I anticipated HA! I guess I need to get myself in shape. To be fair, it was the first hike we had done out here :) I’ll stop typing now and let you enjoy the pictures!!
Map of where we hiked
Eunice Lake
Our end goal — fire lookout tower 0.9miles away
Another view of Eunice Lake. It was absolutely gorgeous!
Amazing how clear it was!
Surprise photo :)
Representing with my Clemson Nike’s
BEAR!!! and her two cubs apparently even though we didn’t see them.
Messing with the ‘macro’ settings on the camera…pretty meadow flowers
View of Eunice Lake and Mt. Rainier (which is behind the clouds) from the fire tower
Inside the fire tower
Other half of the fire tower
Another view from the fire tower
Looks like it’s blowing it’s top — just a ton of fog :)
Such a pretty view of the mountains
One last picture of Lake Eunice :)
 What exciting adventure have you taken lately?

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