Birthday Weekend!

This weekend Ben and I decided to have a mini-vacation weekend to Long Beach, WA.

Thankfully the Army deems Columbus Day important enough to have Friday and Monday off so we had a full 4-day to enjoy our trip :) Long Beach is about 2.5 hours south of where we live so the drive wasn’t too long at all. The weather over the weekend was absolutely perfect, around 75 degrees or so. From what I’ve been told, the beaches are usually 15 or so degrees colder than the Seattle area, especially in October. I was not prepared for the nice weather. I brought only pants and long-sleeved shirts…oops! Thanks to LivingSocial we found a great deal for the Adrift Hotel, which was right on the beach.

Our hotel room
The view from our room
And a shot of the ocean.

The hotel was really cute and had great perks (besides being right on the beach). They offered complimentary cruiser bikes, games/dvds, and with our deal with LivingSocial we received two free beers at the local brewery and a free dinner. Score :)

On the path of the 9-mile Discovery Trail we biked to the North Head Lighthouse. Unfortunately construction was supposed to be done on Saturday when we were there but alas, they weren’t. Sigh. But here’s a picture, blue tarp and all….
On our last day we enjoyed sunsets on the beach, Cape Disappointment State Park, and just a great weekend together :)
self-made photo shoot
Bunker on the way up to the lighthouse
Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
What did you do this weekend? Enjoy a sunset, put your toes in the sand, or just relax?

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