Good Intentions

With my husband being in the military there are a lot of unknowns, some scary and some exciting. We are newbies at the military lifestyle but are enjoying the adventure so far. We met at Clemson University (and if you know where that is, props to you!!) and got married right after graduation and his commission. So far, the biggest unknown for me that makes me anxious is the thought of a deployment. Although I have the head knowledge that I know this is part of the job, there is a part of me that just screams, “Stay here where it’s safe!!” At this point I have to step back and realize that even though I love my Mr. to the moon and back, he is not my rock. Christ is my rock upon where I must surrender all, including my marriage. God is watching over me, my husband, and our marriage anywhere we are whether that is in our house or when he is gone away. That loving watch-care God has does not go away when he leaves. Ever.

I think the best thing about the Army so far has been the traveling. We are currently at our first duty station in the rainy beautiful state of Washington. I absolutely love it here. Even though South Carolina had its fine points, I would not trade where we are for anything! Sorry parents! I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to learn new cultures and explore different parts of the United States (and hopefully someday world….come on Germany!).


#shakinthesouthland at Mt. Rainier

I have to confess though that traveling can sometimes be my idol. I get so wrapped up in where we could be going next and completely miss sweet moments here. I have to remember that God has us in our current “position for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14) We need to remind ourselves to be intentionally on mission for the people in our community that God has surrounded us with.

I want to be intentional for the glory of God. Where are you being intentional?


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