Summer Nights

Since my wonderful husband had to work on the 4th of July, I was thankful that he could get this past Thursday and Friday off. Since he is leaving in a few short days for deployment, we were grateful for the time together. Our original plan was to camp at Westport beach but the weather was supposed to be a chilly 55 degrees, so I said no thanks to that! Instead on Thursday we went to the drive-in. I love the nostalgia of a great drive-in trip — the cool air breeze as you watch the movie, the crackle of the speakers as they share the script, and of course the classic intermission ads.

ImageWe saw Man of Steel and White House Down. My thoughts on Man of Steel might be biased because I dislike the Superman “hero”. In my opinion, if he never came to Earth humans would not need his help because the villains would not have come, since they came for his death. And the recent Superman movies have had a very long, drawn out script with a mildly thought out plot and dry characters. Not worth seeing. White House Down was a decent film. Although, I am confused as to why White House Down came out right after Olympus Has Fallen. I mean really, how close in plot and movie title can ya get?!

The rest of our weekend was full of typical lazy summer days. We went on a few date nights, strolled around our neighborhood (hoping to see a bear, which is claimed to be around, but have yet to see him), and enjoyed a church BBQ. Love summers out in the Pacific North West!

ImageHow have you been spending your summer?


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