Getting the Big One

With the sun barely rising and dew sticking to the grass, a hunter sits in his tree stand surveying the land. A shadow moves, slowly a deer appears; and this is no ordinary deer but the Great Prince of the Forest, the one. As the hunter who has been up for hours, waiting for the perfect specimen, he is not going to waste his effort on a feeble deer. It just makes sense to wait out for the trophy deer.

Through my experience, I have discovered that going on the job hunt is comparable to going on an actual hunt — minus the actual shooting and gutting.

As someone who has been searching for many months now, I am about ready to go for the feeble deer. I am so tired of waiting for the trophy deer to appear in my horizon. I get up early, prepare my weapons for action, and search/apply for jobs but do I hear anything back? No. Very frustrating not to be good enough….is this how the feeble deer feels??

There are so many facets of the job search that I could rant about for days but you probably could care less so I will stop here before I can’t.

I have fought with my worth a lot over this season that I am in. I am trying to see my joblessness as a positive and what I would like to believe as God-sanctioned. I have worked hard and put in a tremendous effort into my resumes and cover letters; praying for the jobs I have applied for, that they would be the one God would have for me. Instead of wallowing in my discouragement, I have begun to be thankful for my unemployment. This feeling was a bit of a shock for me and definitely a Holy Spirit revelation. I am thankful mainly because if I had a job I would not be able to spend as much precious time with my husband. It has been such a blessing to go on impromptu adventures when he has a day off ( so we can enjoy exploring the PNW. Especially since he is deploying soon, I have been soaking up as much of this time as possible! I also believe this time away from work has given me time to check my priorities. We do fine being a single income family. If I were to get a job it would be to only get more “things”: apple laptop, SUV, decor for the house, etc. Not that any of these things are inherently bad on their own, but when they become a higher priority then they should, they become dangerous. Next to struggling with my self-worth, I just wanted more things.

I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father looks after me and knows what is best in my life, even when I don’t see it right away. I know when the absolutely perfect opportunity comes up, God will open the door for me to enter into the job force. Until then, I will continue my hunt with a content spirit.

The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun. -P.G. Wodehouse, The Adventures of Sally


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