Portland, OR

After a short 2 hour trip we arrived in the city of roses on Friday afternoon. The city views with the fast paced cars, green trees, and the aroma of a smorgasbord of food were enjoyed the whole weekend. Our Friday consisted of consuming an unhealthy (but oh so good) amount of food! We sat atop the city while eating rice paper spring rolls and herb-parmesan fries for our appetizer at the  Portland City Grill.

Afterwards we explored the city a little bit, of course stopping at the famous places along the way! I was in heaven the moment I stepped into the city block long Powell’s bookstore busting to the brim with books new, used, and anything you could imagine in between. I wanted to make so many purchases but reins had to be used to pull me in! Our next stop, which took us about 15 city blocks, had us arriving at the Salt & Straw. Quite honestly, the perfectly made, creamy blend was the best ice cream I had ever tasted — which is saying something for a girl who eats ice cream literally every day after dinner. Ridiculous I know. The flavors they created where so bizarre I was afraid! I mean, goat cheese marionberry habenero and arbequina olive oil were not combinations I would have ever thought delectable if put in ice cream. Boy was I wrong! Check out their menu for a full list of the fun and creative flavors they had available. I would have taken a picture had I thought about stopping my enjoyment, but I didn’t, and I don’t even feel bad! The line was wrapped around the street corner and we waited about 50 minutes for our turn but it was well worth the wait. After trying a few of the more “out-there” flavors, I went for the black currant berry sorbet and the hubs had birthday cake & blueberries.

After the amount of food we ate, we practically waddled back to the hotel room! Saturday morning found us at Voodoo Donuts. Thankfully we went at a time where there was only a 15 minute wait. If it were any longer I probably would not have waited, no matter how great the donuts were claimed to be. Although, it might be worth the wait for you, I am just not a dough-lovin’ kinda gal. Don’t get me wrong, they had fun and exotic flavors, donuts are just not my cup of tea. We got the maple bacon, Portland cream, vanilla fruitloop, and some ginormous danish. Afterwards, we ventured to the Saturday market. I absolutely loved the diversity of the shops, wares, and people. I couldn’t leave without purchasing a few items, even though my husband was rolling his eyes every time I whipped out my wallet!


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