Weekend in Indy

After a 3.5 hour airline delay on Thursday, I flew from the hot and humid south to the much cooler Midwest. On Friday, I drove down to Butler University to visit my sister who goes to college there. I had 3 hours to practice my in-car solos…I won’t be winning the Voice anytime soon. Indiana has not changed much since I was last there; the sky was full of grey clouds and the fields were brimming with endless rows of golden corn.

2013-09-20 12.15.04-12013-09-20 14.04.11-1

After hanging out at the university on Friday, we went to downtown Indy and explored the area a little bit. It was a great time. Although the grey skies and amount of corn seemed to not change, the entire downtown area sure did! I love being a tourist, taking pictures and soaking up everything a city has to offer. Indianapolis was no different. Our first stop was the lively La Plaza’s Fiesta Indianapolis. The music was loud, fun and full of passion; our noses filled with many flavors, including churros and chimichangas coming from the many food trucks. Afterwards, we strolled through the city, admiring the architecture, before feasting on a classic Italian dinner at Buca di Beppo.

2013-09-22 12.02.12 2013-09-22 09.10.36 2013-09-21 19.28.462013-09-22 10.12.56 2013-09-22 11.25.18 2013-09-21 19.21.06 2013-09-21 19.48.52 2013-09-21 20.10.53

I would love to get another opportunity to come visit and discover more!


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