From The City….

2013-09-27 08.49.29

Early Friday morning found me up and on the 6:15am train greeting the city skyline as we entered into downtown Chicago. The plan for the day was exploring somewhere I had not gone before; I decided to go to the Field Museum. I spent several hours wandering around the massive museum enjoying every exhibit, from ancient Egyptians to the Pacific to the extinct world of dinosaurs (and even posing for a picture with Sue).

2013-09-27 10.31.58DSCN1060

I took advantage of the perfectly warm sunny day and walked from the museum to Millennium Park, passing through Grant Park (which holds the Buckingham Fountain) along the way. For those who have never seen the massive Buckingham Fountain in person, according to their website, it is one of the largest in the world with the center jet shooting up about 150ft into the air!


Passing by the Art Institute of Chicago I happened upon a 5 acre garden that I had never noticed before. Apparently I need to work on being observant! The Lurie Garden was an oasis inside the city. The tall hedges lined up just like the skyline were positioned around the garden, keeping the noise out and the peacefulness in. I would like to go back during the spring/summer when more of the flowers would be in bloom. I can imagine the rows of color would be breathtaking.



After leaving the gardens I took a break from walking and sat down to watch people of all ages play in the Crown Fountain. This fountain hosts the people of the city, showing who they are through the 50ft sculpture and inviting them during hot days to play in water the fountain spurts out. During the walk from the Crown Fountain to the Cloud Gate (better known as the Bean) I ran into an unexpected line of sculptures from the Jun Kaneko Exhibit. The sculptures were full of color and playful geometric patterns. To me, they looked like a mix of a standing pig or maybe bear but by the artist, they are called Dangos, which means dumpling in Japanese.

Crown Fountain




No matter how many times I see the Bean, I still love watching the city bend and twist on the reflective metal. And of course, can’t resist a selfie!


After my day in downtown, I met up with my cousin who lives in Wrigleyville. We had a great night catching up and enjoying the nighttime skyline of the city.

2013-09-28 10.39.56

2013-09-27 21.53.26


2 thoughts on “From The City….

  1. Looks like you’re having some fun traveling this fall! Chicago looks like such a blast, I really need to travel there sometime. Hope Ben is doing well on his deployment, and that you’re not too lonely without him!

    • Thanks!! I am having a great time but I’m also ready to get home! You definitely should make it out to Chicago one day. So far, it is my favorite city.
      Ben is doing well! Actually got to facetime him for the first time tonight so that was awesome.

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