Bear Tree Park

Ever wonder what a park full of bears look like? Well, wonder no more!

During my 37th week of pregnancy, I decided to brave the heat, get over my fear of not knowing anyone and join in on a PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) event. Our excursion was checking out Bear Tree Park. The park’s grounds were filled with sculptures, a koi pond with over 1,000 carps, beautiful landscaping, and you guess it, bears – about 150 of them to be exact!

After wandering through the gardens, we stumbled upon the Pet Zoo, which I thought was mistakenly translated. But no, this was in fact an area where you might see these animals as a pet. There were corgis and beagles, guinea pigs, rabbits, small birds and then of course the ever popular pets, baby bears and peacocks.

After the Pet Zoo we went to where they held the adult bears and deer…in different cages of course. For 1,000 won, you could purchase cups of carrots to feed the bears and deer. The bears LOVED the carrots. Each bear had its own personality and way to woo you into throwing them a carrot. Some would wave, some would blow you a kiss, others would stand on their hind legs, while others would laze about on their backs hoping you would toss it directly into their mouths.

There were so many bears in one little area. It blows my mind that they all got along and no one fought over the treats. Although the whole place was concrete, they had lots of playing areas where they could climb, swim, and explore. While I found myself feeling quite sad for these bears, I had to remind myself that I was in a different country and how they see fair treatment of animals is different than how I was raised.

Overall it was a nice experience and I was able to fellowship with a lot of new ladies, which for me was perfect as a newcomer to Korea.



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