Waiting on the Sun to Rise

The lights are out; the neighborhood has settled down for the night. A cool breeze blows through the window screen. An owl’s cries can be heard in the distance. The house seems quiet, almost too quiet. Straining to hear a noise, anything that might give the silence away, a crash comes from downstairs, a car […]

Exploring Arizona: Adventure Pt. 1

On Saturday I woke up early and ready to go, excited to fly down to Phoenix. And then when I got to the airport, I saw this: Prop-plane?? Really?! So tiny!! Thankfully, this was just the plane from Seattle to Portland. The flight from Portland to Phoenix had 3 seats on either side of the […]

Labor Day Weekend

How was everyone’s Labor Day weekend?? Mine was both awesome and sad all at the same time. Saturday Ben and I went on a small hike with some people from our community group. The day was absolutely perfect. It was only a 2.5mile round-trip hike, the river views were so pretty. Holding up the boulder […]