…to Suburbia

Last Friday was all about skyscrapers and the quick pace of the city. On Sunday I swapped downtown for the suburbs. The village of Long Grove is a quaint town tucked away in between nature preserves in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. They have several events throughout the year and over this past weekend they […]

From The City….

Early Friday morning found me up and on the 6:15am train greeting the city skyline as we entered into downtown Chicago. The plan for the day was exploring somewhere I had not gone before; I decided to go to the Field Museum. I spent several hours wandering around the massive museum enjoying every exhibit, from […]

Waiting on the Sun to Rise

The lights are out; the neighborhood has settled down for the night. A cool breeze blows through the window screen. An owl’s cries can be heard in the distance. The house seems quiet, almost too quiet. Straining to hear a noise, anything that might give the silence away, a crash comes from downstairs, a car […]